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Generate customer details

Get vital information about customer behavior

Collect real-time data from your interactions with customers and their responses. Analyze the data and develop important insights with Skyz Marketing. Update the data to the relevant customer files anywhere, from any computer, in real time.

Produce and send out questionnaires and satisfaction surveys

Take the pulse of your customers on a regular basis, using SKYZ ‘s templates to produce questionnaires and satisfaction surveys. Send them out and input the recipients replies automatically into the system, tagging important details that you get in response.

Cross reference sources of information to get an accurate picture of who your customers really are

Look at your customers from every angle possible. Cross referencing sources with maximum efficiency is easy with Skyz. With a clear, accurate picture of your customer characteristics you can map their behavior for your marketing needs.

Generate customer details with Skyz CRM

Create smart marketing campaigns

Expand your customer base through active, intelligent campaigns, keep existing customers satisfied and make smarter marketing decisions in real time with Skyz Marketing.

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