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Information sharing

Marketing information sharing

Deliver vital marketing information to your sales and marketing department through Skyz Marketing. Share new marketing content from various media sources, along with completed questionnaires, surveys and competitive data. Increase the confidence of your employees negotiating and supporting customers with up to date information.

Update marketing actions in real time

Collaborate with the sales team when issuing a promotional email campaign or transmitting a marketing message via SMS. Make sure that even people in the field are in the know through Skyz Marketing. Having the entire team on the same page will maximize your results.

Enable retrieval of information and tips from any location

Provide staff inside and outside the office with immediate access to marketing information. We make it easy to update any information, data, news or important detail into Skyz Marketing customer files on a regular basis. Take advantage of the system’s smart tagging and search engine to retrieve data in real-time from any computer, anywhere.

Information sharing with Skyz Marketing

Create smart marketing campaigns

Expand your customer base through active, intelligent campaigns, keep existing customers satisfied and make smarter marketing decisions in real time with Skyz Marketing.

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