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Expand your customer base

Email campaign Management

Promote targeted marketing through email campaigns. Deliver by using Skyz Marketing for selecting target audiences with maximum flexibility. Monitor campaigns and their results accurately. Get a complete, clear picture from the time you send your campaign out to receiving leads to the final stage of customer sales.

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Mobile campaign management

Use your smartphone for smart marketing. Send targeted SMS messages, including the ability to edit a flexible marketing message using Skyz. Give yourself the option to reach precise target audiences and send personal messages to strengthen your client relationships.

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Progressive campaigns with Skyz Marketing
Social marketing management with Skyz CRM

Social campaign management

Connect with Skyz Marketing to social networks and provide a personalized experience tailored to your target audience. Take advantage of the market’s existing marketing content, market education and use it to influence more people. Manage fan pages from the system as well and accrue more loyal customers.

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Database management

Import external data records from various sources quickly and easily. Improve your record keeping with Skyz’s intelligent data optimization engine. Use enhanced records to promote marketing and sales. Monitor leads and follow their conversion into opportunities and sales. Add new customers to your organization and increase revenue.

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Keep your existing customers

Customer clubs

Give yourself an excellent infrastructure for running successful customer clubs. Easily update offers and coupons. Send marketing newsletters with a smart e-mail system. Deepen existing sales through up selling and cross selling.

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Generate customer details

Collect vital information about customer behavior as a result of your company interactions with them. Produce and send questionnaires and satisfaction surveys for analysis. Label insightful important facts and data on your customer’s records anywhere, in real time. Cross reference sources of information with Skyz Marketing and get a clear picture of customer characteristics. Map them according to predefined parameters tailored to your marketing needs.

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Customizable information analysis

Give yourself advanced data analysis capabilities to identify customer behavior. Use Skyz’s advanced capabilities to map the needs of existing customers. Draw conclusions and send personalized recommendations by e-mail or SMS to their mobile phones. Give the customer the positive feeling that he/she is part of a family that cares.

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Sharing marketing information with Skyz CRM

Share marketing information

Information sharing

Share marketing information among your employees with Skyz, including questionnaires and satisfaction surveys. Allow management and sales staff to retrieve important marketing information anywhere online. Use tips from the marketing manager and online marketing experts to increase your knowledge and improve your position during negotiations with the customer.

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Social sharing

Involve the members of your organization with the planning of the marketing processes, looking for their opinions to assist campaigns. Take advantage of the Skyz Marketing system to get employee feedback from any location, in real time, to voice opinions and brainstorm as a team. Build and share focus groups to sharpen marketing decisions about your products and services.

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Improve marketing processes

Campaign optimization

Manage marketing campaigns easily and efficiently in real time. Compare campaigns with flexibility, such as the leads coming from a campaign, opportunities created — based on factors like company size and geographic region. Get insights into possible trends and improvements and allow for better planning for future campaigns.

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Marketing control

Analyze the performance of the company’s various marketing channels. Skyz Marketing lets you automatically compare the conversion rate and ROI of advertising for campaigns, media channels, search engines, social networks and telemarketing. Measure your marketing KPI’s and make the adjustments for optimal distribution of your marketing budget.

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Maximizing new customers

Research the outreach and contacts that have been made with customers who are in negotiations with the company. Highlight important points that may help identify a serious client or judge according to predefined characteristics and parameters. Draw conclusions from an analysis of Skyz metrics, improving focus and maximizing new business.

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Improving marketing processes with Skyz CRM

Take advantage of technology

Field based marketing management

Skyz Marketing use of cloud technology gives you access to marketing information from anywhere, in real time. Run the entire show from your mobile phone, as easily as you could from your office. Allow yourself to work on the go, turning a travel hour into a work hour. Extract data in the field and analyze, while making decisions in real time.

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Marketing Automation

Get a comprehensive marketing overview at a glance that includes: up-to-date marketing metrics, statistics, charts, graphs, reports, articles, news and opinions. Reduce time dedicated for marketing activities, managing your team more efficiently. Automate your marketing operations with Skyz Marketing from the office or in the field, in real time.

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Reports and Dashboards

Present innovative marketing reports integrated into each process with a variety of dashboards offered with Skyz Marketing. Find great flexibility when it comes to producing reports and graphs according to your product and organization needs. See information in an intuitive way using your desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone in real time, at any time and from anywhere.

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