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Sales management

Get higher ROI from your telemarketing unit

SkyzCRM contributes to smart, advanced and professional telemarketing. Supervise and help your employees optimize their sales calls. Let salespeople monitor their performance in real time. Adapt SkyzCRM’s sales system to your company sales processes with maximum flexibility. Achieve peak ROI through better understanding of the telemarketing process.

Simultaneously receive incoming calls with on screen customer card

Any incoming calls are synced with the customer’s details with SkyzCRM technology. View a customer card that pops up for you as soon as the call is received. Understand who you are talking with and update important information about their situation in real time. Get a measure of the situation and come to easier resolutions while talking to the client. Smarter and more personal service helps you make a good impression on customers, leading to more successful sales.

Manage salespeople easily and efficiently anywhere

SkyzCRM helps you manage your sales in real time: in the office, in the field, at home and abroad. Enable your salespeople to quickly retrieve data using their smartphones. Allow them to share data with any member of the organization, responding to any question, request or problem that comes up.

Sales management with Skyz CRM

Increase your organization’s sales.

Manage sales processes with customers efficiently and improve your bottom line by increasing profits with Skyz Sales.

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