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Email integration

Automatically sync Outlook and Google Apps with Skyz

Manage customer relationships in full sync with Outlook and Gmail. Easily sync messages, tasks, contacts and calendars saving valuable time on unnecessary data entry. Give yourself the ability to view messages and tasks related to customers from anywhere in the world.

Automatically connect email directly with the customer

Easily send email messages directly to your customer’s account, service event or relevant project easily. Create user-friendly links according to your needs. Generate required announcements to customers, with the opportunity of finding similar messages in the advanced search engine. Get all the information you need in one advanced system.

Send service reminders directly from your system

Send email notifications and reminders directly from Skyz, e.g. a large distribution email to customers in the case of a catastrophic event. You also can send reminders of service updates to customers according to selected chosen fields, and automatically send advance notices and updates to customers before a technician’s visit.

Email integration with Skyz Service

Improve your organization’s customer service

Manage service processes quickly, support your customers from anywhere you happen to be and strengthen their loyalty with Skyz Service.

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