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Service-Level Agreement Management (SLA)

Produce smart contracts that are easily adaptable to your SLAs

Manage your service contracts for customers and vendors through Skyz Service. Help your technical staff produce custom contracts based on the type of service and the organization’s needs. Make it a simple task to extend the SLA and define the level of customer service needed. By defining the service terms more effectively, you improve the profit margins.

Retrieve a requested contract in real time from your archive

Looking for a contract from two months ago? Find it quickly and easily with Skyz Service. Manage a large-scale digital service contract archive for customers and suppliers with a powerful search engine. Give yourself the opportunity to view any contract in real time outside of the office with your smartphone.

Get two-way alerts before you end a contractual relationship

In case of contract termination, make alerts for both for you and the customer through Skyz Service. Send a reminder to the support staff and to the customer when the end of a contract nears. Avoid an unpleasant situation where a good customer’s contract needs to be terminated because of a lapse of time. Show your customers that you care with timely contract reminders!

Service Level Agreement with Skyz CRM

Improve your organization’s customer service

Manage service processes quickly, support your customers from anywhere you happen to be and strengthen their loyalty with Skyz Service.

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