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Allow your company to provide comprehensive service

Customer service calls management

Manage your company’s customer service calls with Skyz Service from anywhere. Capture the real-time calls and route them to the appropriate support by managing a built-in business process management system (BPM). You can monitor each incoming call and make sure it is handled correctly. Get a comprehensive picture of your service dynamic at any point in time. Give customers the efficient response they expect, improving satisfaction.

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Customer service events management

Handle downtime events effectively with Skyz Service. Manage the entire event process from start to finish in real time. Assemble the service contacts and technical personnel involved in the event and obtain a comprehensive and clear picture of their progress. You can upload updates of every detail of your employee’s progress from anywhere, including from the field. Pop up reminders are provided as well so unnecessary delays are avoided.

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Tasks management

Manage service upgrades and projects with maximum flexibility with Skyz Service. Perfectly monitor all tasks and their offshoots in real time. Adjust the structure of the task process according to the type of project and the needs of the organization. Assign tasks and relevant events to your support personnel easily, without restrictions.

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Comprehensive service management with Skyz CRM
SLA management with Skyz Service

Service Level Agreement Management (SLA)

Manage comprehensive service contracts for customers and suppliers through Skyz Service. Give yourself a sophisticated mechanism to produce smart contracts tailored to your SLA needs. Manage a digital contract archive and have the ability to search and retrieve your desired contract in real time from anywhere. Get two-way alerts before starting a contractual engagement.

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Field based service management

Skyz Service allows you to manage your service technicians in the field effectively and efficiently. Assign service calls to the available field technician based on an automated structured prioritization process (BPM). Monitor and supervise the workflow of your field technicians, from the dispatch stage to the successful completion of the event. Be able to record procedures and protocols, such as signing orders, diagnosing and fixing problems and recording the level of customer satisfaction.

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Customer service performance management

Assess service performance of your employees in real time. Use Skyz to analyze input service data, help your staff diagnose events and solve them to customer satisfaction. Give yourself important insights by measuring the duration of service tasks and how they were handled. Examine success rates, draw conclusions with your team and improve overall service quality.

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Create a responsible and responsive service organization

Customer service information management

Share real-time service issues with Skyz Service. Allow any technical person to keep up to date with the experience of others anywhere in the organization in real time. Improve the problem-solving process and shorten the hours spent on field service.

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Share calendars

Get your employees on the same page with Skyz’s innovative service sharing system. View, share, follow calls, events and service meetings from anywhere online. Synchronize your work calendar with Office 365 and Gmail. Give yourself the ability to manage customer service processes from the diary with maximum flexibility. Initiate automatic scheduling for emergency meetings and multi-participant sessions within the system.

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Files sharing with Skyz Service

Social customer service

Share essential information with your technical staff online and from social networks with Skyz Service. Allow field personnel to receive files and professional tips from you and your service experts, on the way to the call and during the service events. Add to your knowledge of your customer’s profile by connecting to social networks from within your system. Create expert communities for your service calls and assist employees in real time.

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Sharing knowledge

You can establish an organizational knowledge portal using Skyz Service. We have created the Knowledge Base, an archive of tips for your new employees, questions and answers (FAQ), issues that have been solved and other important professional information. Allow the technical team to retrieve in real time vital information from the internal organizational knowledge base. Create a separate portal for your clients so they can help themselves by gaining access to your public knowledge portal.

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Streamline service with innovative technologies and tools

Skyz Service Cloud

Get significant service benefits from cloud technology and get maximum efficiency:
1. Manage customer service issues anytime, from anywhere
2. Give your technical team the possibility of addressing issues from the field
3. Secure your information at the very highest level
4. Huge savings realized with no need to purchase and update computing and infrastructure
5. A complete solution for an attractive monthly cost (SAAS).

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Skyz Service Mobile

Service customers with Skyz online from anyplace in the world. Take advantage of valuable time and work on service calls on the way to an appointment. Extract important files from anywhere quickly and efficiently. Enable retrieval of data, documents and files from the CRM system by the technical staff in the field, including print capability.

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Service anytime anywhere with Skyz CRM
Customer service workflow with Skyz CRM

Customer service workflow

Manage your structured service processes and determine the work format according to the needs of the organization. Create a workflow with Skyz Service that includes all the steps from dispatch to the successful completion of the event. Simplify the issue of approvals and requests for your company’s service processes. Make adjustments as needed in real time and reduce unnecessary delays in service, improving effectiveness.

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Email integration

Manage customer service by synching Skyz Service with Outlook and Gmail. Match incoming email directly to the customer or specific service events and projects. Find messages (including archival search) and retrieve them from anywhere in real time. Get alerts and service reminders directly from your system for a variety of needs, for example system failures, technician visits, new service innovations and satisfaction surveys.

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Analyze information to reach higher standards in service

Customer service Control

Observe and supervise the best possible performance of your technical staff for necessary actions such as: receiving calls, updating information, handling customers, dealing with emergencies and providing solutions. Get alerts about product failures and technical problems remotely. Intervene in real time and make any adjustments and improvements as needed. Keep your finger on the pulse of the service organization.

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Reports and Dashboards

Integrate Skyz Service advanced graphic display into each of your service processes. Quickly generate reports, graphs and charts tailored to your service department’s needs. Use dashboards to visualize the situation and make the right decisions, in real time, on the way to a call or during a complex event in the field.

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