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Tasks management

Monitor call center tasks from any location

Give yourself and the service team the ability to set up online tasks and projects in both the office and the field. Manage these assignments and their derivatives smartly and efficiently with Skyz Service. Create alerts and reminders if necessary, reducing delays and meeting your deadlines.

Adjust the structure of the task process to your requirements

Does an assignment require a specific work process? Create a proper task structure with Skyz Service for your project type and organizational needs. Get great flexibility in making any adjustments from any location in real time. Allow service personnel to perform their tasks quickly and effectively.

Assign tasks to relevant events

Have you created a number of tasks for the service team due to a complex event? Assign and monitor all these tasks easily with Skyz Service. Get an overall view of the progress of the event and the performance of each of your service personnel. Allow yourself and personnel in the field to make changes and adjustments to the task processes, collaborating online.

Task management with Skyz Service

Improve your organization’s customer service

Manage service processes quickly, support your customers from anywhere you happen to be and strengthen their loyalty with Skyz Service.

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